Kay's Winter Wonderland

Welcome to Kay's Outdoor Igloo Seating

Winter igloo

Q: How many guests are allowed inside an igloo?

A: During peak dining times there is a MINIMUM of 4 guests required to make an igloo reservation. We will always follow State Guidelines and comply with MAXIMUM capacity allowed at the time of your reservation.


Q: Do I have to make reservations?

A: Yes, reservations are required and can be made by calling the restaurant at 401-762-9675. Reservations can be made 48 hours in advance.

(We will do our best to accommodate walk ins but strongly suggest reservations,)

Please note there is a 2 hour time limit per reservation.


Q: Are the igloos heated?

A: The temperature inside each igloo is approximately 15 degrees warmer than the outside temperature without the use of any heating element. We currently have space heaters located around the outside of the igloos and the majority of the igloos have personal heaters inside them for the really chilly days!

snow igloo

Q: Are you open during bad weather?

A: For the safety of our customers and servers, we will NOT OPEN during stormy weather (rain or snow). Once the inclement weather passes and we deem the area safe we will reopen the outdoor area. If you have a reservation scheduled during inclement weather, please call the restaurant to confirm your reservation.


Q: Are the igloos sanitized?

A: Yes. The igloos are sanitized with the use of Victory Innovations sprayers which provide an electrical charge to cleaning solutions, allowing them to wrap conductive surfaces with more effective and even coverage. This helps ensure that disinfectants can more fully cover a surface, including some areas that may not have been directly sprayed. 
This unit is used throughout the entire restaurant as well.